Friday, July 19, 2013

Groups That Inspired The Birth Of RASH NYC

Pretty much in order
The Blaggers, Angelic Upstarts, FIGHTING TALK mag...
Shadowy organization that was hard to get info about, especially on our shores.
Still, the rumors (or should we say 'rumours') were all priceless.
Irish republicans, football hooligans, anti-fascist skinheads
TERRIFIED boneheads and the UK far-Right
What's not to like?
 Minneapolis' Baldies. Founders of Anti-Racist Action
 Baldies Syndicate
Anti-racist skinheads throughout the Midwestern US
 'Only the Strong Shall Survive'
 SHARP NYC (at an anti-KKK demonstration in Philadelphia- 1988)
"Pride Without Prejudice"
Their zine DOUBLE BARREL is essential reading
They had tremendous sus! 
Style and culture wise they were ahead of their time
 French Redskins
In pre-internet days it was very hard to get information on French Redskins
They were a localized phenomena to France (and perhaps Quebec)
But we knew they were out there
Best known were Paris' Red Warriors

 Anti-Nazi League UK. 1977
Especially the 'squadist' element that would later be expelled!
Started in the UK in 1978
Existed in NYC all throughout the 1980's
Still some of the most memorable shows!
 Class War Federation (UK) tour featuring Joe Strummer- 1986
White Panther Party/ MC5/ John Sinclair
1968 Michigan
The first intersection between Left organization and rock 'n' roll?
Recommend reading: John Sinclair "Guitar Army" (1971)
Revolutionary Grease/ Rising Up Angry
Early 1970's
North Side, Chicago
'Stone grease' subculture and gangs + political opinions and organization