Friday, July 19, 2013

International Brigades I: NYC & Tampa/ P.R. in Spain (late 1996)

In late 1996 I blagged a free plane ticket for my homey Jose (C.P.P.R./RASH) from Puerto Rico/ Tampa and we took a trip to Spain. RASH had just started blowing up there, and we wanted to see it for ourselves. We were there for 6 weeks, and hit Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona. 
 First day there we learned to hate Ultras Sur.
 Drinking kalimotxo in a plaza with 2 brothers from RASH-Madrid
 Sweater commando hits Bilbao
 Clockwork Orange- Bilbao style
 Drinking with Herri Norte Taldea hooligans (Athletic Bilbao) in their local.
We went to see a game with them at San Mames stadium.
They gave us membership cards, and Jose and I became 'Herri Norte Taldea- Seccion Brooklyn'
 Before we even met any other skins we saw this graffiti
It let us know we were in the right place
A lot of drinking. A LOT of aggro.
Graffiti everywhere.
The soundtrack LP to our journey
STILL love this record! Tops!