Saturday, July 27, 2013

At Futbol Rd. 3: Glasgow Celtic (Tiocfaidh Ar Lá)

 Our lads overseas
DJing behind the Hoops in the LES 2000
 Our top bhoy, now and forever
Gone to that great Parkhead in the sky
RIP Comrade Dan Parry Dec 2006
Photo from the last time u spun on our turntables
Tiocfaidh ár lá!

'Antiracisme i Amerkikkka: Ein Prat Med Ein Anarko-Skinhead' 1997 (AFA-Norway)

Jose and I in Spain Dec 1996
Interviewed by AFA Norway

Friday, July 26, 2013

'The Other Side of Skinheads (NJ)' Asbury Park Press 06.25.95

'The Other Side of Skinheads' article 06.25.95
By Eric Deggans
Asbury Park Press

Featured Mayday Crew's Greg Pason (NJ)

As well as our friends Pedro Angel Serrano

And Iggy from Two Tone!

High Water Mark X: FIGHTING CHANCE (Baltimore) @ ABC No Rio 03.19.05 w/ EYES OF HATE

We put together a local ABC No Rio show for Baltimore's FIGHTING CHANCE
Sat 03.19.05

It went okay, but we should have done a lot more for this band.
They were the real deal Baltimore Street Rock N Roll
But by 2005 RASH NYC had been around for 12 years
We were sagging a wee bit

Check out their LP/ CD 'Thus Hope Fades' (Insurgence Records)

R.I.P. Al 'Eyes of Hate' Midnica!
You are missed, brother!
You always came thru in a pinch!

 Last RASH NYC excursion to Toronto May 2006

That's What's Up!: Tone Tank/ Scumlife clothing (March 2011)

As RASH NYC was splitting up (Summer 2010) I started personal training the man TONE TANK in boxing in Prospect Park. We became friends.
There's a lot to like about this brother.
 He's an interesting character.

When he was training with me in Bushwick he did this little graf that I much appreciated March 2011
RASH is done but the word remains

Check my man's rhymes over a remix of Blitz's 'New Age'!

King of the Surf Guitar Rap!
I'm embarrassed to be around a guy this creative!
He shows me up as a friggin' MORON!

Tone Tank's Scum Life clothing company
Grab some gear!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Coveted Item VII: RASH-Northeast Crew Patch (2008)

 RASH-Northeast Crew Patch (2008)
Now rare as hen's teeth!
 RASH-Northeast 'We Can't Be Stopped' graphic
Concept & Design by Dan Sabater (2006)
RASH-Northeast logo 2005-2011

Phase II Graphics

RASH NYC street stickers (1995)
Design by Dan Sabater
 Artwork by Terry R.

 Graf design by Jafo
From 1998 international mailing
Design by Jafo
From 1998 international mailing

'Look Ma, We Made The Papers III" NY DAILY NEWS 02.18.1996

One million readers on a Sunday! NY DAILY NEWS Motherfucker
Best believe it touched our name in the street!
Had to step up!

If article is too small to read click on the image
Right-click 'View Image'
That should allow you to zoom in and read away!

RASH NYC Troop Transport 'A Team Van' 1995-2007 (Ford Econoline 250)

A character unto itself

At Soccer II: MLS Year I (1996)/ NYCF/ Empire Supporters Club Sec. 101

Home jersey popular with NYCF

Coveted Item VI: 'Northeast Antifascists' t-shirts (2005)

We inherited a big box of these

I'm proud to say, they all went to the right people.

If u have one u know what's up!

High Water Mark IX: FATE TO HATE @ ABC No Rio 05.14.04 + DJ Night

 FATE TO HATE (RASH-Montreal band), MOLOTOV COCKTAIL and EYES OF HATE at the legendary ABC NO RIO

 The band hanging in the north Bronx before the show

 On the attack! Nic assaults the microphone

 The action is in the pit

The dark force behind the show!

Infamous, hilarious night of aggro between skins/ punks and Oscar winners
Those who were there live to tell the tale!

 Fate To Hate's powerful 2003 release 'Iron Fist' (Insurgence Records)

Now re-named 'Union Made', and back harder than ever!
'Hard Grace' CD from 2005

'Back it up, or back it out of here!'

High Water Mark VIII: Co-Production & Financing of The Press 'The Complete Press 1984-1994' CD (2006)

In 2006 we co-released The Press 'The Complete Press 1984-1994' CD with our brothers from Toronto's Insurgence Records. It was on our new imprint Stay True Productions.

This was a labor of pure love. Having seen The Press numerous times at their height (1988-1989) as a wide-eyed 16 year old teenager I knew how amazing a band they were. I have been a lifelong fan.

Simply put, they were the United States first proper Oi! band. These guys were wearing sta-prest and Ben Sherman's when everyone else had bicc'ed heads and cut off sleeves.

Musically, they were brickwall, with amazing lyrics that captured the times, containing a definite view towards a progressive future.

It was an honor to see this released.
More people should love and remember this band.
The fact that they affiliated with the original NYC SHARP chapter is icing on the cake. 


Friday, July 19, 2013

Groups That Inspired The Birth Of RASH NYC

Pretty much in order
The Blaggers, Angelic Upstarts, FIGHTING TALK mag...
Shadowy organization that was hard to get info about, especially on our shores.
Still, the rumors (or should we say 'rumours') were all priceless.
Irish republicans, football hooligans, anti-fascist skinheads
TERRIFIED boneheads and the UK far-Right
What's not to like?
 Minneapolis' Baldies. Founders of Anti-Racist Action
 Baldies Syndicate
Anti-racist skinheads throughout the Midwestern US
 'Only the Strong Shall Survive'
 SHARP NYC (at an anti-KKK demonstration in Philadelphia- 1988)
"Pride Without Prejudice"
Their zine DOUBLE BARREL is essential reading
They had tremendous sus! 
Style and culture wise they were ahead of their time
 French Redskins
In pre-internet days it was very hard to get information on French Redskins
They were a localized phenomena to France (and perhaps Quebec)
But we knew they were out there
Best known were Paris' Red Warriors

 Anti-Nazi League UK. 1977
Especially the 'squadist' element that would later be expelled!
Started in the UK in 1978
Existed in NYC all throughout the 1980's
Still some of the most memorable shows!
 Class War Federation (UK) tour featuring Joe Strummer- 1986
White Panther Party/ MC5/ John Sinclair
1968 Michigan
The first intersection between Left organization and rock 'n' roll?
Recommend reading: John Sinclair "Guitar Army" (1971)
Revolutionary Grease/ Rising Up Angry
Early 1970's
North Side, Chicago
'Stone grease' subculture and gangs + political opinions and organization

International Brigades I: NYC & Tampa/ P.R. in Spain (late 1996)

In late 1996 I blagged a free plane ticket for my homey Jose (C.P.P.R./RASH) from Puerto Rico/ Tampa and we took a trip to Spain. RASH had just started blowing up there, and we wanted to see it for ourselves. We were there for 6 weeks, and hit Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona. 
 First day there we learned to hate Ultras Sur.
 Drinking kalimotxo in a plaza with 2 brothers from RASH-Madrid
 Sweater commando hits Bilbao
 Clockwork Orange- Bilbao style
 Drinking with Herri Norte Taldea hooligans (Athletic Bilbao) in their local.
We went to see a game with them at San Mames stadium.
They gave us membership cards, and Jose and I became 'Herri Norte Taldea- Seccion Brooklyn'
 Before we even met any other skins we saw this graffiti
It let us know we were in the right place
A lot of drinking. A LOT of aggro.
Graffiti everywhere.
The soundtrack LP to our journey
STILL love this record! Tops!