Saturday, July 20, 2013

High Water Mark IX: FATE TO HATE @ ABC No Rio 05.14.04 + DJ Night

 FATE TO HATE (RASH-Montreal band), MOLOTOV COCKTAIL and EYES OF HATE at the legendary ABC NO RIO

 The band hanging in the north Bronx before the show

 On the attack! Nic assaults the microphone

 The action is in the pit

The dark force behind the show!

Infamous, hilarious night of aggro between skins/ punks and Oscar winners
Those who were there live to tell the tale!

 Fate To Hate's powerful 2003 release 'Iron Fist' (Insurgence Records)

Now re-named 'Union Made', and back harder than ever!
'Hard Grace' CD from 2005

'Back it up, or back it out of here!'