Wednesday, July 17, 2013

High Water Mark V: The USA's 1st Weekly Skinhead Reggae Night (Summer 1999 @ The Raven)

RASH NYC & Crazy Baldhead Sound System United
The USA's First Weekly Skinhead Reggae Night (Summer 1999 @ The Raven)
DJs Marvelous Hagler (RASH NYC), Jonny Metro (RASH NYC), Agent Jay (Crazy Baldhead), Upsetter FC
Continuing to this day every Thu as Move Your Mule @ Otto's Shrunken Head!
 A brief period where the scene was united
 DJ Marvelous Hagler at the controls
 Our 1st mobile sound system party
Artwork by Jafo
Crazy Baldhead Sound System: Agent Jay, Marvelous Hagler, Jonny Metro
 Crazy Baldhead design by Agent Jay
 Crazy Baldhead design 2 by Agent Jay

Crazy Baldhead Sound System from Summer 1999-Summer 2009 featured 2 members of RASH NYC: DJ Marvelous Hagler and Jonny Metro

Agent Jay (the originator of the sound system name) would join The Slackers as lead guitar in 2006.

He was never a member of RASH NYC, but has always been a friend, a talented musician, a solid anti-racist/ anti-fascist and a good human being.
Please continue to support his work!