Saturday, July 20, 2013

High Water Mark VIII: Co-Production & Financing of The Press 'The Complete Press 1984-1994' CD (2006)

In 2006 we co-released The Press 'The Complete Press 1984-1994' CD with our brothers from Toronto's Insurgence Records. It was on our new imprint Stay True Productions.

This was a labor of pure love. Having seen The Press numerous times at their height (1988-1989) as a wide-eyed 16 year old teenager I knew how amazing a band they were. I have been a lifelong fan.

Simply put, they were the United States first proper Oi! band. These guys were wearing sta-prest and Ben Sherman's when everyone else had bicc'ed heads and cut off sleeves.

Musically, they were brickwall, with amazing lyrics that captured the times, containing a definite view towards a progressive future.

It was an honor to see this released.
More people should love and remember this band.
The fact that they affiliated with the original NYC SHARP chapter is icing on the cake.