Friday, July 19, 2013

Setting The Record Straight...Why This Blog

There is no longer a RASH group in NYC
We officially began on Jan 1, 1993 and officially disbanded on Jan 1, 2011
18 years

There were five distinct eras (or what we call 'phases') of RASH in NYC
It began with the Mayday Crew in 1993, and ended with RASH NYC Phase V
There was overlap in membership between each era

Altogether, about 65 people passed through the group
The group's average size was between 5-12 people
We never broke the 15 member mark at any one time

We began at a time when the majority of the American skinhead scene was right-wing. Even skinheads that WEREN'T racist still routinely beat and murdered gays/ lesbians, leftists, punks, the homeless, etc. Shows were often violent affairs.

We were a couple of skinheads that had left-wing, anti-fascist views, and thought a lot of the ignorant shit was no good so we had each other's backs at shows and in the streets. We knew there were others out there like us so we organized and reached out.

Most of us were a generation younger than the original SHARP chapter in NYC, which lasted a very a brief time (1988-1989). By 1990 they were gone, and by 1992 calling yourself SHARP would definitely make you the object of derision in the scene. We learned a bunch from watching the original SHARP chapter's rise and fall through teenage eyes. We made adjustments when Mayday Crew started. Many of us also still rocked SHARP patches throughout RASH's early existence. The original SHARP NYC can be credited with putting many skinheads in touch with the original 1969 culture. They deserve that credit.

We did shit skinheads do: drank beers, listened to music, went to shows, went to soccer games, hung together. We just identified with the left-side of skinhead culture, as well as all the non-racist but non-political skinhead music (skinhead reggae, 2Tone, soul, NYHC, etc.).

We also use to attend left-wing events together, such as demonstrations and conferences. Demonstrations against the racist Right, police brutality, against bigotry and for working class issues like strikes and healthcare were big with us. We weren't a political party, we were just skinheads with left-wing views. We were by no means full-time activists.... we were just skinheads with left-wing views doing the best we could. 'Havin' a laugh and havin' a say'.

We never just turned people into skinheads! Authenticity was important to us- we didn't want punk-ass bitches. If people hung out and got into the culture and stuck with it a while and showed they had some heart they could get in without having been a skinhead first. But mostly people in the scene just knew who we were because we were consistent, so they'd find us if they were interested and we'd hook up.


Conversely, we FAILED TO GET CREDIT for a lot of things WE DID do.

Caught in the middle...welcome to skinhead life.

Material is being placed on this blog because if people are going to judge us, we are guilty of the things posted. It is the past, but still we take full responsibility.

If you judge us for things NOT posted, or that we are NOT GUILTY OF the problem is YOURS.

If anyone in the future tries to sell you RASH in NYC without our permission they are FULL OF SHIT.

There are still anti-racist, anti-fascist and left wing skinheads in NYC.
As there always was and hopefully always will be.

RASH NYC was a membership-based group, the originators of the international RASH network.

We stand by our record.

There are not a lot of real motherfuckers in this fake-ass world, WE WERE.

-Dan Sabater